Water Softeners

Mayfair Water SoftenersSay goodbye to hard water!

Relaxing in the bathThe majority of households in the UK and especially in southern England are all too familiar with the effects of hard water: scale, scum and unsightly white marks around sinks, baths, taps and toilet bowls; blocked showerheads, furred up kettles and hot water tanks.

Installing a water softener is the only effective solution.

The immediate benefits of installing one of our own Mayfair water softeners will be clear, scale-free water with significant savings on soap products, detergents and cleaning materials.

Softened water makes hair feel soft and silky; laundry is softer and easier to manage; taps, glasses and dishes will all sparkle. The long-term benefits are a reduction in heating bills together with reduced maintenance of water-using domestic appliances.

Water Softener UnitsOur fully installed water softener prices start from just £599 and we will even fit a free water filter kit worth £120; so not only are the nuisance and costly effects of hard water banished for good but you will have excellent quality drinking water too – think of the saving you will make in bottled water alone!

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Water filters

Water Filter UnitsThe tap water we drink has been recycled many times and contains unwanted impurities and bacteria. To combat this, water companies add chlorine and fluoride. And that’s the problem – tap water simply doesn’t smell or taste good. So why not install one of our low cost filter systems and start benefiting from crisp, clean tasting water that has had the unpleasant taste and odour of tap water removed?

We supply a wider range of water filters for both commercial and domestic use and our reverse osmosis water filters (for totally pure water) start from just £299 or £199 if fitted with a water softener purchase/installation.

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