Solar Heating

Solar Roof Heating UnitA free supply of hot water!

In the last two years we have seen huge increases in energy prices for homeowners. With over 70% of the average home’s energy bills going towards providing heating and hot water it’s no wonder that homeowners are struggling to meet these ever rising prices. And every time you time you take a bath, shower or turn on a hot water tap in your home, you add to your energy bill. That’s why more and more householders are investing in solar water heating as a source of FREE hot water. Offering substantial financial savings and a much quicker payback, solar water heating is now the renewable technology of choice for most UK householders.

How does it work?

Solar Heating Diagram

Solar panels are attached to your roof and through a heat transfer system are connected to a solar hot water cylinder. This can be located in your airing cupboard or in the loft area and is then linked into your existing storage cylinder. For homes with an unvented ‘combi’ boiler we can fit an auxiliary thermal store.

Ideally, solar panels are fitted to a south-facing roof to ensure the highest exposure to the sun. They can be fitted to flat roofs, gable ends or an outbuilding and you do not require planning permission (unless your home is a listed building or you live in a conservation area).

Improved technology

We only install the very latest evacuated tube collector panels – these are much more effective than conventional flat panel type collectors, offering increased efficiency on cloudy and even cold days. A desirable feature of this type of modern, higher efficiency solar panel is that less area of the roof needs to be covered.

The tubes heat up your hot water supply and return it to your hot water tank ready for use – it’s that simple!

The benefits

Solar heating allows you to tap into a limitless source of energy that can heat your water effectively for years to come.

Swimming Pool Applications

Solar water heating is a very effective way to heat swimming pool water. Collector panel area sizing will be based on about 25% of the surface area of the pool.  The panels can be fitted to a nearby outbuilding or we can construct an ‘A frame’ to be hidden in the garden.

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